Book Escape the Pound

Escape the Pound

Available February 10th, 2024

Players 2 to 6 Humans | 1 to 2 Pets | 30min


Your pet has been mistakenly snagged by the mysterious, puzzling and villainous Dog Catcher! The pound has refused to listen to reason, so you've sneaked in to jailbreak your pet out before they put your best friend to sleep!

The dog obsessed catcher has locks everywhere! Do you know more Pet Trivia than the catcher to solve these traps?!
Put your wits and memory to the test, as your challenged on famous pets and not-so common pet facts to ESCAPE THE POUND!


Game Play
Upon arrival, we will give you and your teammates/pups a rundown on game play, which combines puzzles for people, and sniff for treat reward challenges for your doggo! 

The game is super fun even with a puppy or not-so-smart dog...but a dog will be needed. Sorry other pet owners.

We will ask for you to bring treats that your dog is familiar with. The environment is very sensory neutral for audio, smells and movements. Sniffing can be a very exhausting exercise for dogs; we welcome repeat plays!
Please please please make sure your dog is...empty...before playing. Our staff thanks you!

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