Fusing Escape Games with pop Trivia

three themed rooms to choose from!

"...it was like I was playing through an unaired episode!"

Our escape rooms are like none other, crafting an experience built on references from your favourite TV show, utilizing your love and memory to navigate through. Properly lit, fully accessible and played by all levels of fans!

You won't find any jump scares, generic game templates or dark rooms with us. Our team is comprised of nerdy artists, that simply love TV and love creating weird, funny and nostalgic environments.

How much trivia can you rely on to escape? 

geek out with us

By fans, for fans

It takes a lot of passion and commitment to pull off these escape games! Why would anyone ever dedicate so much of their life to something as mediocre as a generic template theme?

Each theme is crafted based on what our team of artists and game designers can all geek out on. We strive to be the biggest nerd in the room, and invite you to take our crown!

Do you think there's a property we may love enough to turn into an escape room? Let us know!

a good time, not a long time

Our rooms are created with extensive research, artistic craft and many many hours. While it may seem ridiculous to scrap it after just a few months, we strive to continuously push the envelope of the "new, weird and unique" world of escape rooms!

There are many more ideas we want to explore! Join us on our journey! Otherwise you may miss out forever! 

Each theme is usually available for 4 months, but may be much shorter (holiday rooms, special events, experimental themes, etc).

research and parody only

Trivia Escape Rooms is not endorsed by any  corporations, media personalities, film studios, film distributors and/or other television programming/networks.

No copyright is claimed in this event and to the extent that material may appear to be infringed, I assert that such alleged infringement is permissible under fair use principles in copyright laws. If you believe material has been used in an unauthorized manner, please email triviaescaperooms{at}gmail

New Location

Located in the Junction Triangle!

1615 Dupont Street. Main floor, fully accessible!

Street parking only. Accessible rear parking available upon request only.

Multiple rooms! Three themes rotating seasonally!

The Swiftie Escape

Players 2 - 8 | All Ages | Medium Challenging

You’ve decoded the snakes, the 13’s and many other clues scattered for the Swift Fanbase, but now you’re tasked to help the world’s biggest Swiftie to discover the ultimate secret!


1UP Escape

A Real Life Video Game Venture

Players 2 - 8 | 60 min | All Ages | Easy Challenging

You’re on your last life and on the last level. Test your memory and unlock the 1UP to ensure victory!

Escape the Pound

Yes...your dog IS needed to play!

Players 2 to 5 Humans | 1 to 2 Pets | 30min | All Ages | Easy Challenging

The game is super fun even with a puppy or not-so-smart dog...but a dog will be needed. Sorry other pet owners.

Party Room

Have a super large group? Split them up for "Fastest Escaper" mode; while Group A plays, the others hang out with our selection of board games, puzzles and trivia sets.

Great for birthday parties, school trips, corporate events and team building activities! Stay for an hour or longer with our party packages.

Mobile Games

Parks, board roms, schools or your living room! Covert any space to an escape room with our mobile trivia pop-up escape games!

Great for groups of any size! The main focus of the event, or accompanying other party treats.

Pick it up, or have it delivered.
Need a Game Master? Our team are great entertainers!
More themes coming soon! 

Prices are based on size of groups. The more players, the less cost! 

  • 2 players = $28 each
  • 3 to 4 players = $26.50 each
  • 5 to 6 players = $25 each
  • 7 to 8 players = $23.50 each

Regarding our party rooms, corporate or large event bookings, please email triviaescaperooms@gmail.com for pricing inquiries.

This makes for a great gift! But it can be a bit tricky with timeslots filling up so quickly!
When getting this as a gift, we recommend booking any date and time you can with the minimum 2 players.
The giftee can then change their booking to another available timeslot without issue, and any additional players can pay upon arrival.

Each game contains puzzles, codes and problem-solving challenges, which anyone can participate in.

Knowledge of the theme will certainly help you go faster, and have some more giggles too, but there will be additional resources hidden throughout your gameplay which will teach you to answer each question.

Our GameMasters are super fun to help with hints whenever and can tweak questions to work to your knowledge level better.

Escape rooms are pretty much a board game you walk through, combined with a scavenger hunt. Based on varying themes, you must solve clues, puzzles and in our case, trivia, in order to finish/escape the game/room. Work as a team to communicate, delegate and solve your way out!

Each room to escape combines questions from one property, or several of the same themed property (Same Director, genre, sequels, etc). Your knowledge of your FAV will certainly come in handy, but the other properties can still be solved even if you’ve never seen it before through various strategies that provide the answer (codes, jumbles, hidden hints, etc) .

Each of our themed rooms are only available for a limited time; between 3 to 6 months max.

Once we've retired the theme, we compress and revise the game to a deliverable table-top version that we call "ESCAPE CRATES".

If you missed a theme after we tear it down, look out for the alternative at-home version shortly afterwards.

Some escape rooms rely on dark, scary environments, but our themes focus on fun, light and well lit themed rooms. We’re very proud of our ‘sets’ with a lot of detail going in to each room…we want you to see it all! All ages are welcome as long as they can be responsible.

Safety is a major concern, so each room you venture into has easily identifiable exits. Our game-master also has eyes on you the entire game, assisting and monitoring for the best and safest experience.

When you book your time slot, it’s only with your own people. No strangers, just friends and family with us. We will not be responsible for coordinating teams for you.

If you would like to schedule a time slot outside our regular hours we can certainly accommodate special requests. Shoot us an email and we can work something out!

Cancellations with more than 72 hours notice are applicable for a full refund. We are reserving your time slot and since it’s limited capacity we rely on you to come through. If you’re not able to make it, you are responsible for finding someone else to exchange the tickets.

Due to the limited amount of slots available, and the high demand of attendance, payment in full is required to confirm reservation.

Payment Methods: E-transfer (to triviaescaperooms@gmail.com) or Phone with Credit card. Receipts will be sent to this email address.
Once payment is made you'll be locked in our system. An additional email will be sent to you shortly before your booking.
Cancellations with more than 72 hours notice are applicable for full refund.
Additional players may pay upon arrival with cash, credit or debit.

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