Reserve Bobo’s Bounty

Bobo's Bounty

Finishing In-Person April 16th, 2023 \\\ Available Table-Top Rental

Family-friendly | 60 min+ | Choose your challenge level

FINAL WEEK PROMO! Use discount code DOH31 to receive the Hans Moleman special of 31% off!

Once we tear down the room (and transition it to Retro Video Game theme) the escape game will be available to rent as a tabletop version! Bring it home, play it here or have it delivered to a park, school or event!

Book now to start reservations by April 18th! 


Mr. Burns has once again lost his precious teddy bear, Bobo, and is holding Maggie's pacifier hostage!

As fast as you can, find the sucker and bear to avoid Burns' wrath and receive your bounty!


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