Escape what?
Escape rooms is pretty much a board game you’re walking through. Based on varying themes, you must solve clues, puzzles and in our case, trivia, in order to finish/escape the game/room. Work as a team to communicate, delegate and solve your way out!

Is each room its own TV show or Movie?
Each room to escape combines questions from each Classic Holiday movie. Your knowledge of your FAV film will certainly come in handy, but the other properties can still be solved even if you’ve never seen it before through various strategies (codes, jumbles, hidden hints, etc)

What if I know NOTHING about a certain show?
We give you a trivia quiz that acts like a survey before you enter the game, so our game master can tweak questions to work to your preferences better.

Youth appropriate?
Some escape rooms rely on dark, scary environments, but our themes focus on fun, light and well lite themed rooms. We’re very proud of our ‘sets’ with a lot of detail going in to each room…we want you to see it all!

Fully locked in?
Safety is a major concern, so each room you venture to has easily identifiable exits. Our game-master also has eyes on you the entire game, assisting and monitoring for the best and safest experience.

Who will I play with?
When you book your time slot, it’s only with your own people. No strangers, just friends and family with us. If you do not have others you can schedule, we encourage you to ask on your own behalf on our Facebook page. We will not be responsible for coordinating teams for you.

Only provided time slots?
If you would like to schedule a time slot outside our regular hours we can certainly accommodate special requests. Shoot us an email and we can work something out!

Refunds or exchanges?
Unfortunately we do not offer either refunds or exchanges. We are reserving your time slot and since it’s limited capacity we rely on you to come through. If you’re not able to make it, you are responsible for finding someone to get the tickets off you.
Cancellation with more than 72 hours notice are applicable for full refund.