Booking Escape This 9 to 5

UPDATE: We are rescheduling all bookings until April 30th. Those looking to reschedule will be emailed a private link to new availability in May to July. New information is sent daily, so this may change pending news on best practices to ensure the health and safety of the public.

We invite you to be transported to your favourite classic office life movies/television shows. Trivia is primarily based on The Office, Parks and Recreation and Office Space, used as research purposes only. This is a fan-based parody only, please support the official release of each property.

Prices listed before tax:
2 to 4 players = $26.55 each
5 to 6 players = $24.79 each
7 to 8 players = $23.01 each

Due to the size and nature of this themed escape room, we can accommodate a maximum of 8 players. To properly enjoy the room and all its activities, we recommend at least 3 to 4 players, but certainly 2 can still complete and enjoy it.

The calendar is not broken! You must select a day and then select a time slot. If you don’t see any time slots appearing on your desired date, it’s not because of an error, but that we’re fully booked! Just keep scrolling through days until time slots show available.

**UPDATE** We will update the calendar the first week of April with cancellations (plenty coming) but this is pending news on how businesses should operate during shut down.

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Please note this room does have two game elements that may be challenging to differently abled individuals.  An optional area requires crawling, while an unavoidable maze is rather narrow at 28 inches wide throughout. If you have any accessibility concerns, please notify us.